Danielle Rahe Fox
works on panelworks on paper

The fragility and fleeting beauty found in nature is an inspiration and central theme in this body of work. Each piece is influenced by the environment around me, from the color of the harbor water in Marblehead, Massachusetts to the summer light in the birch and maple trees in lakeside New Hampshire.

I create organic and/or geometric form and space relationships characterized by line and color. Using thin layers of acrylic glazes and washes, light filters through each translucent layer, exposing the history of the painting. With graphite or charcoal pencil, I draw gestural lines to create organic forms inspired by the tracery and textures in nature, rhythm in music and dance, architecture, and calligraphy. Emulating the drawn lines, I sew on tracing paper and adhere or embed them into the works, which continues the expression of the line. Some paintings are created to express stillness and tranquility, while others expose the passing and decay found in autumn and winter.